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Three Men and a Tenor: (L-R) Mark Stiles, Glenn Williams, Paul Felch, and Chuck Colby

3MT with Jay Leno- Mesa, AZ

"Three Men and a Tenor" warmed up the crowd of over 2,000 at the Valle Del Oro Resort in Mesa, AZ as the opening act for Jay Leno. It was a milestone day in the group's 24-year history.
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What is "Three Men and a Tenor"?

"WHICH ONE IS THE TENOR?!"-  If you have to ask, you are not paying attention. If you were to ask the 3MT bass man Paul Felch, he would tell you that a tenor is "a man who sings like a girl". But in this group, Glenn Williams, who measures 5-feet tall, stands next to Felch (6'4"), Chuck Colby (6'3") and Mark Stiles (6'5"), and still manages to command the stage with the others to help form one of the most energetic and talented professional a cappella vocal groups in America, "Three Men and a Tenor"!

A THREE MEN and a TENOR show has been known to make everyone (including the members of the group) feel better. Call it musical therapy for the mind and the funny bone. Come see a show and get your dose of comic relief and touching musical moments to share with your family. 

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